DC Rivals HyperCoaster



Is it going to be available to ride for Fright Nights?

Hell yes. Come and ride the DC Rivals HyperCoaster at night for the first time ever!

How do I ride the backwards facing seats?

Ride It Backwards will be available to purchase from the DC Photo Booth.

Can I buy Fast Track?

Fast Track is not currently available to purchase on the DC Rivals HyperCoaster.

Do I have to pay to ride backwards?

Yes, the Ride It Backwards element of the ride is a pay for play attraction. Each seat is $10 and is available for purchase from the DC Photo Booth.

When will the early access be available?

The early access times will commence on Saturday 23 September.

What are some of the facts and figures of this ride?

This ride will be the LONGEST, FASTEST and HIGHEST coaster in Australia. Reaching speeds of up to 115km/h, the coaster will take guests on an exhilarating journey as they experience 4.3G forces and a series of twists and turns along the 1.4km track, almost double the length of any other ride on the Gold Coast.

Why is the track pink?

The themeing is based around the DC Universe with fuchsia being a bright and bold colour that represents The Joker.

Who is the ride’s manufacturer?

The ride is manufactured by MACK Rides who have worked very closely with throughout the design, build and construction to ensure the ride will be the most technologically advanced coaster in Australia. For more info on Mack Rides please visit here.

What is the difference between a HyperCoaster and a normal coaster?

A HyperCoaster is a roller coaster which has a height or drop measuring greater than 200 feet (61 m).

What is the ride themed around?

The HyperCoaster is themed around the hugely popular DC Universe featuring some of the most epic battles and rivalries between iconic DC Super Heroes and Super Villains.


Who can ride this ride?

The ride features an array of thrills which guests can enjoy as a family. The minimum height requirement for this ride is 130cm and minimum age is 7 years.

What safety processes will the ride undergo before opening?

As with all of our rides and attractions, we work with the manufacturer, external engineers and all government regulatory bodies on the design, build and construction of this ride to ensure it meets all the necessary requirements.

What safety features will this ride have?

This ride will be the most technologically advanced ride of its type in Australia and features state-of-the-art safety and operating systems to ensure the safety and comfort for guests.

Are you expecting ride stoppages?

Yes. Ride stoppages are a part of regular operating procedures and are an essential part of the ride’s safety systems.

How will this ride be evacuated if it becomes stopped?

As with all of our rides, our teams are trained to conduct any unloads outside of the normal ride exit area and that will be no different for this ride.


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